The Agile Assessment involves a wide array of evaluations of your practices through the use of workshops and innovative tools. Often coupled with other workshops, this particular step reveals emerging and creative future activities and opportunities for your organisation. You will receive a formal feedback, recommendations will be established, and will be provided along with a risk analysis.


These actions are essential to evaluate:

  • Team’s Agility: Quality evaluation of environments developed by teams.

  • Organisational Agility: Observation of vital mechanisms in the general organisation.


Experience has proven that the sharing of a new strategic vision in the organisation is a good time to do an 360° Agile assessment. It is the perfect opportunity to embed that vision in future projects.


Auto-evaluation of your teams and managers with our interface directly within your business. Just two hours per week are enough to answer coaching questions and offer your teams a space for dicussion that leads to problem solving and powerfull outcomes to complexe situations.