Team Coaching

Through a participative and innovative way of working with teams, Agile team coaching (ATC), is suitable to multiple areas of the business organisation: IT, Marketing, Sales, Projects, etc. . When in need of optimizing the way team work, or their agility, or their efficiency in their day to day context, ATC creates a framework for natural facilitation and fast action. ATC is focused on customers satisfaction, on quality and team performance, so teams can go beyond the old traditional triangle cost-time-quality. This coaching will bring teams to work on these subjects, keeping final user in mind: Business value, End-user involvment, Frequent deliveries, Lift obstacles, Sustainable rhythm, Software Craftmanship, Collaboration, Clean Code, High quality code, iteration.

We offer personalized assistance based on participative workshop and serious games, trainings, consulting and change management (Organization Change Management).

Certification Via Coaching

The ScrumAlliance suggests the "Certification Via Coaching". This is a program that enables coachees to earn Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) certifications through our team coaching. You will need to be accompanied on Scrum by one of our experimented coaches for a minimum of 25 hours in face-to-face, individually or in small groups up to eight people. Those, invited to earn CSM® certification, will have to pass the ScrumAlliance online exam.